Salted and dried products:

(splitted and fully salted, then dried according to market specifications)

Cod ( Gadus Morhua):
Sizes per 25 kg: 7/9-10/12-13/15-16/20-21/30
Portugal: 0,5-1 kg,1-2 kg,2-3 kg,3 kg +
Dryness: various
25 kg cartons or 800 kg pallet boxes.

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Saithe, (Pollachius Virens):
Sizes per 25 kg:7/9-10/12-13/15-16/20-21/30-31/>
Dryness: various
25 kg cartons,9 kg on request for 16/20 > 31/40


Saithe, (Pollachius Virens) with backbone on:
Size: 25 - 40 cms
Dryness: various
9 kg cartons

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